Experience the Difference

Handcrafted to Perfection

We do things old school, from the Oxen that plow our fields to the hand-picked leaves of the plants that our team spends months picking, to the hand-sewn leaves that are hung to dry and all the way through the fermentation, deveining, sorting, aging, rolling and finishing a perfect Cigar. There are no machines used at any time. Not even hand-powered ones.

Ultimate Smoking Experience

The Longest Ash You’ll Ever Witness

MONTENEGRO SELECCIÓN PRIVADA cigars’ luxurious gold label sits atop our aromatically charged handcrafted cigars rolled to perfection.  They are enjoyed by beginner smokers to the most seasoned smokers, anytime from morning through the evening and into the night. They are treasured works of art from beginning to end.

True Quality

You Can Feel, Smell and Taste

From the color of the leaves to the width, length, touch, and feel in your fingers and the aroma, the cigars are handcrafted to perfection by our Master Blenders and Rollers and adhere to the highest standards created by the Founders in our Boutique Factory.

Experience the Difference