About Us


Everyone has a story about how a brand was born…

this is ours....

The Journey

Embarking on a journey defined by passion and an unyielding pursuit of excellence, our story began amidst the aromatic embrace of tobacco fields and the hallowed halls of cigar factories across the globe. A collective of aficionados, united by a shared reverence for the cigar’s artistry, we were driven by a singular vision: to craft cigars that resonated with our distinct taste profiles, ensuring meticulous oversight over every facet of their creation. Thus, we cultivated premium tobacco, initially intended solely for our indulgence and satisfaction.

Philosophy and Approach

Our philosophy is anchored in a steadfast commitment to tradition and luxury. We harness age-old techniques, refined over centuries, to nurture and age our tobacco. Employing only natural fertilizers, eco-friendly pest control methods, and the diligent hands of skilled artisans, we cultivate tobacco of unparalleled quality. We uphold our values by hastening the aging process or deviating from time-honored production practices. Our approach is profoundly ``old school``—from the oxen that plow our fields to the meticulous selection and hand-picking of leaves, the careful hand-stitching of leaves destined for drying, and the painstakingly detailed steps of fermentation, deveining, sorting, paging, rolling, and finishing. Our cigars are masterpieces, devoid of mechanical intervention, embodying the essence of true craftsmanship.

Dedication to a Masterpiece

As time gracefully unfolded, our relentless dedication to aging, blending, and tasting culminated in creating utterly handcrafted cigars—each a cherished masterpiece, offering an exquisite smoking experience from start to finish. Initially shared among friends and family, we soon realized our bounty was too vast for us alone. It was a treasure meant to be shared with the world, inviting connoisseurs and novices alike to partake in the unparalleled experience that our cigars offer.

Quality and Commitment

In this spirit, we inaugurated our boutique factory, a sanctuary where our cigars are born, embodying the journey from seed to box. Here, we maintain an unwavering grip on quality, allowing us to craft each cigar precisely and carefully. Our commitment to limiting production ensures that each cigar not only meets but exceeds the loftiest expectations for quality, offering a luxurious experience that is both rare and unforgettable.

Experience the Difference

Our story is more than just about cigars; it's a testament to the pursuit of perfection, the beauty of handcraftsmanship, and the creation of luxury experiences that linger in memory long after the smoke fades. Welcome to our world, where every cigar is a story waiting to be shared and savored.

Experience the Difference